Fundamental concrete5 5.7 Theme Takes a Huge Leap into the Future

From humble beginnings to a best seller, Fundamental one of our mobile-friendly concrete5 themes has just received its biggest update yet. There are new blocks, updated functionality and most exciting of all, multiple starting points. Not so humble now ;)
It was almost a year ago amidst a lot of uncertainty and controversy surrounding the future of concrete5 and its community that we decided after much discussion and consideration …

Advanced Areas

Adding areas to concrete5 themes is very straightforward. With a little know how you can utilize these to your advantage within your theme
Area's are fundamental to concrete5 themes; allowing theme designers to set placeholders within page types that allow the website administrator to add blocks when editing the site…

Custom Theme Specific Single Pages - Login, Register, 404

Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of concrete5 theme design is that you can in fact also style the login, register and even 404 single pages, amongst others.
Concrete5’s native ability to allow you to safely overwrite core files whilst retaining the apps integrity; gives developers the opportunity and freedom to customize various aspec…

Create Your Own concrete5 Block Custom Template

Learn how to enhance your concrete5 website by building custom templates for core blocks
Creating your own Custom Templates for the standard built in concrete5 block suite is a great way to enhance both your websites appearance and functionality. What’s more, they can…

Stop Your Themes CSS Styles Interfering with the concrete5 Interface

Use Sass to quickly and automatically append your custom class to all of your CSS style sheets
You may have noticed that often when developing themes for concrete5, the styles can ‘leak’ into the concrete5 block interfaces and dashboard. Apart from this being most undesirab…

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